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  Own a week or more in your chosen cottage.

  5 year, 10 year or permanent memberships available.

  Enjoy the “club” environment and facilities onsite.

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  Can’t make it one year? Rent your week out.

  Exchange your week for a holiday abroad.

  Breathtaking setting close to Oban & the Islands.

Safe, family and pet friendly environment.

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Try Before You Buy

Accessibility Statement

Here at Melfort Village, we welcome everyone and hope that they are all able to fully enjoy the village and its facilities. We have a development programme in place to ensure universal access to as much of the village as possible however due to the nature of some of the buildings the possibilities are limited in terms of those who require wheelchair access.

Walled Garden Cottages

Walled Garden Cottages 1 – 5 and 11 have steps to the main access so would not be suitable for those with limited mobility.  Walled Garden 6 – 10 have one small step into the properties but we can supply a ramp into the property.

All of the Walled Garden Cottages have a double bedroom, shower room and the kitchen/dining room/lounge on the ground floor.

Cottages Access

Most cottages are suitable for guests with limited mobility except when the main access is via a stairway.  The nature of the buildings mean that the corridors would be too narrow to navigate in a wheelchair and some are also two storey so whilst the ground floor areas would be accessible the upper floor would not.  Please contact the office for more information.

Leisure Centre Access

The Leisure Centre has level access from the car park so is suitable for guests with limited mobility.  There is also a disabled shower room available.

Shower of Herring Restaurant Access

Access to The Shower of Herring Restaurant is via an exterior staircase although there is a stairlift.

Information Centre Access

Our reception and information centre has a level access.

Games Room

The main access to the Games Room is via the stairs at the front of the building but there is a ramp access at the back which would allow access for those with walking difficulties or in a wheelchair.


The Playroom has level access.

Melfort Village gardens and grounds

The Garden has pathways suitable for use in a wheelchair and there are benches and seats around the grounds at some of the viewpoint areas.

Hearing and Guide Dogs

We are happy to welcome all dogs including hearing and guide dogs in all our properties as we are a pet friendly village.

For more about our accessible facilities, call the Reception Team on 01852 200 257