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Come and stay in a cosy fireside week for a special trial price and if you buy a cottage week, we’ll refund the cost against your first year’s membership.  Give Alison, Olwen, Lucy or Margaret a call today and start your journey to joining the Melfort Club family.

Top reasons to buy membership

  Own a week or more in your chosen cottage.

  5 year, 10 year or permanent memberships available.

  Enjoy the “club” environment and facilities onsite.

  We’ll take care of maintenance for you.

  Can’t make it one year? Rent your week out.

  Exchange your week for a holiday abroad.

  Breathtaking setting close to Oban & the Islands.

Safe, family and pet friendly environment.

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Try Before You Buy

Our Covid-19 Charter

Melfort Village Coronavirus Charter

Melfort Village has been welcoming members & guests to our wonderful part of Scotland for over 30 years. The unprecedented arrival and subsequent impacts of Coronavirus have led us to change how we do some things to help stop the virus spreading and to look out for the health of our guests, our team and our wider community.

We have been working hard throughout lock-down to develop new policies and measures which adhere to Government guidelines. As a result, we have produced our Melfort Charter which details how we are changing things to make holidays at Melfort Village safer and also what we need you to do to help us maintain our goal of a Covid-free resort.

For now, Government guidance means we can’t offer everything we used to, but this is a constantly changing landscape and we promised to keep you updated on what’s available as part of your holiday here at Melfort.

Whilst we are doing everything we can to keep Melfort Village Covid-free, please be aware that the contagious nature of Covid-19 means that, although The Melfort Club has put in place preventative measures to reduce its spread, the risk of becoming exposed to and/or infected by the virus is still present. The Melfort Club cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to Covid-19 and cannot accept any liability relating to this.

To read our Melfort Village Coronovirus Charter, click here.

If you would like to discuss your holiday or are concerned about anything related to your stay, please don’t hesitate to contact us.