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  • Melfort Village offers 32 Luxury Lochside Holiday Cottages near Oban

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Come and stay in a cosy fireside week for a special trial price and if you buy a cottage week, we’ll refund the cost against your first year’s membership.  Give Alison, Olwen, Lucy or Margaret a call today and start your journey to joining the Melfort Club family.

Top reasons to buy membership

  Own a week or more in your chosen cottage.

  5 year, 10 year or permanent memberships available.

  Enjoy the “club” environment and facilities onsite.

  We’ll take care of maintenance for you.

  Can’t make it one year? Rent your week out.

  Exchange your week for a holiday abroad.

  Breathtaking setting close to Oban & the Islands.

Safe, family and pet friendly environment.

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Try Before You Buy

Membership at Melfort Village

Melfort Village is a collection of 32 luxury self-catering properties set in a pretty loch-side location on Scotland’s stunning west coast, close to the popular harbour town of Oban.
Once a gunpowder works and in a rather dilapidated state, the Melfort Estate was offered for sale in 1982 and the part now known as Melfort Village was purchased by Charles and Helen Stott who had discovered the location whilst on a sailing holiday. Their vision of Melfort was to create a Cottage Membership village where people could own, ‘a week in Argyll forever for less than a week in Argyll’. Gradually, over a period of 7 years, 32 cottages and resort facilities including a swimming pool, recreation areas and a restaurant were built from the ruins of the gunpowder village and farm buildings, developed by the Stotts’ company, Loch Melfort Estate Ltd.

By the end of 1992, Melfort was almost fully sold out. Charles Stott then put his house and grounds on the market and sold his interests in Melfort Village to The Melfort Club.

Today, the Melfort Club offers a selection of membership options of varying length for those who wish to secure the cottage of their choice in a set week each year, and enjoy savings against what it would cost to rent the property on an ad hoc basis.

Why do people buy membership at Melfort Village?
We interviewed a selection of members and the most common reason that they purchased a week at Melfort Village was because they love the area and wanted to secure their holiday here each year in their chosen cottage. There’s nothing worse than finding a place that you love but someone else has already booked it for the same time the following year. Membership eliminates that risk.

We’ve heard bad things about timeshare – is this a timeshare contract?
No, we are an exclusive holiday club which offers customers membership. There’s no tie in for eternity and members are free to sell on their weeks, rent them out or exit after their chosen term of 5, 10 or 25 years.

Permanent members do have a financial interest in the club if it was ever to be sold and so would receive a share in the proceeds from the sale.

So what’s so good about Melfort Village?
Members tell us they love the resort facilities, the high standard of the cottages and the wonderful resort staff who really make their holidays special – they’re like part of the family!

The resort includes a swimming pool, gym and treatment room. There is a guest lounge with billiard table and big screen TV as well as two Children’s play rooms. Outdoor facilities include a tennis court, putting green, enclosed dog exercise paddock and children’s play area.

The Room at the Top Restaurant & Bar in the inner village offers delicious dining as well as a takeaway menu.

The best thing is the carefree holidays year after year without the hassle of finding and booking accommodation. Membership allows you to really get to know the area and your cottage at Melfort Village becomes your home away from home.

What are the benefits of being a Club Member?
Club Members become part of our happy community and they have a say in the running of the club, as well as a financial interest in the assets if a permanent membership is purchased.

There is a prestige about being a member at Melfort Village and owning a second home on Scotland’s beautiful West coast.

I don’t want to take up permanent membership, are there any other options?
Whilst permanent membership offers members the greatest savings, we understand that it is not for everyone, which is why The Melfort Club also offers 5 and 10 year memberships.

What is it likely to cost?
It really depends on the time of year. Cottages in the height of summer are naturally more expensive than those in winter. There’s a one-off cottage purchase price followed by annual maintenance fees to pay for the upkeep & furnishing of the cottage. There are options on how to pay the maintenance fee from a single payment through to a monthly direct debit charge for term membership of cottages in certain weeks.

What is there to do in the area?
Simply put, lots. Melfort Village is a great place to explore Argyll & The Isles from and is particularly great if you love walking as there are many lovely walks which you can do from the doorstep of your cottage. The area also has many historic castles & abbeys, beaches & coves, gardens & galleries, distilleries & shopping and that’s before you even start thinking about hopping on a ferry to explore the islands!

Is Melfort Village good for kids?
Yes, in fact many of our members purchased their week for just that reason – to take their family away on holiday to a safe location with great facilities and give their wee ones a chance to grow up with other families who also own weeks at the same time as their own. Many a lasting friendship has been made here on the shores of Loch Melfort.

Our location is very safe and there’s plenty of space for children to roam free. For rainy days, there’s the indoor play areas and the swimming pool. Olwen at Reception often puts on activities during the school holidays to keep the kiddie winks entertained.

Are you pet friendly?
Dogs are very welcome at Melfort Village. We do charge a small fee for our four-legged guests – £5 per pet, per night, included in this cost is a doggie welcome pack to make their stay extra special. The pack includes a toy, pet towel for use whilst here, a travel water bottle, poop bags, doggie treats and whilst we don’t recommend allowing pets on the furniture we know that this isn’t always the easiest thing to manage so we’ll pop in some throws for the sofas.

Are there many places to eat out in the area?
Besides our on-site Restaurant, The Room at the Top, there it the Cuilfail Hotel in Kilmelford village and Melfort House within walking distance.

A short drive away will take you to the Loch Melfort Hotel, The Lord of the Isles, The Galley of Lorne Inn or the Kilmartin Hotel.

Oban itself is known as the Seafood Capital of Scotland and boasts a large selection of restaurants catering for all tastes.

When is the best time to own a week?
It really depends on what you want from your holiday as there are lots of reasons to come here all year around.

The summer weeks are the most in demand, due to school holidays and longer days to pack more holiday activities in!

Spring and Autumn offer great value for money and the area is quieter allowing more freedom to explore. Wildlife watching for red deer, otters, seals and birds is particularly good at these times of year.

Our winter weeks offer the best value and are perfect for cosying up by the fire, enjoying bracing forest or coastal walks or just to spend hours stargazing at the endless dark sky.

What if I can’t come during my week one year?
Don’t worry, you can rent it out or exchange your week for a holiday anywhere in the world if you are a member of one of the exchange companies (RCI or 7Across).
If you don’t want the hassle of renting the week out, the Club can rent your week out for you for a fee.

How do I enquire about membership?
The best thing to do is take a look at our range of available properties online and once you’ve got an idea of which properties and weeks interest you, send us a message through our Enquiry Form  which will give us all the information we need to create a membership proposal customised to your needs.

If you’re not able to go online or just want to chat over options, you can always call Reception on 01852 200 257 where we’ll be delighted to help.